November 30, 2020

In mid-November, Qolo CEO Patricia Montesi spoke at the 2020 Finance Magnates Virtual Summit panel, “Where are Payments Heading?”

Joined by other payment experts including Viktoria Soltesz, founder of PSP Angels, Rowland Berry, Director of Business Development at Payoneer,  Wilson Cheung, Director at Deloitte China, Ben Sebley, Partner at BCB Group, and Omer Shatzky, founder at Wix Payments, the group tackled the future of payments in financial services and beyond.

Patricia shared:

“Pre-COVID, no one could have anticipated that we could actually have more demand or disruption in the fintech industry, but of course that's exactly what we've’s only amplified the need for payment solutions in the digitization of everything. There's a demand coming from some of these New Economy companies whether it's to make themselves resilient by finding other diversifications of market or products...people are demanding more and more and justly so, and looking for solutions that don’t necessarily exist. They want to mesh up card and bank, and the sky's the limit as far as they're concerned.”

“What I see manifesting from a payments solutions perspective is that people need to keep up, and from an infrastructure layer perspective in payments we’ve lagged behind, particularly in B2B. The time is now to support all of these different omni-channel capabilities that people are wanting, that means taking legacy platforms that have been built for one specialty and extending it to a solution that all these other things are in demand for...that’s absolutely where the market is headed and needs to be.”

Watch the entire panel conversation here.

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