The act of exchanging money for goods and services has been around for thousands of years, but only in the past few decades has it morphed into a complicated web of currencies and payment platforms.

Credit cards. Crypto. Venmo. The list goes on.

And if things weren’t complicated enough, 2020 has thrown some intense curveballs at the global economy. Seemingly overnight, companies have transitioned from brick and mortar to virtual enterprises.

Now more than ever, businesses need tools to help them succeed.

Luckily, we can help.

Hi, we’re Qolo, theB2B payments hub for the New Economy with a mission to help businesses navigate today’s complex payments and financial transactions landscape.

We Set Out To Solve a Major Industry Problem

I know what you’re thinking: payments is already a saturated market.

But, we’re different.

Lots of other companies are trying to reengineer their platforms to do what Qolo has built from the ground up. After working for decades in the payments industry, our four founders got together in 2018 because they believed the industry was notoriously underserved.

During normal times, managing payments inefficiently can impact a business’s ability to grow and increase its expenses. Right now, the stakes are even higher.

We knew that building a simple, all-encompassing payments hub that was fast, easy-to-implement, and secure could solve a major industry problem. Underpinning this promise are unparalleled security features.

We All Value Security

Whether protecting our families, assets, or personal information, we all value security.

But too often companies sacrifice this for ease of use; we believe you shouldn’t have to choose. By bringing payments in-house (goodbye, Paypal and Square!), companies and their employees can enjoy faster and cheaper transactions. What’s more, our team is absolutely committed to providing an easy onboarding experience, whether out-of-the-box or custom solutions are preferred.

We’re proud to utilize the most sophisticated fraud detection systems available.

Our patent-pending qoloCrypt technology secures data at the field level in the database, ensuring business data stays safe. qoloCrypt exceeds all GDPR and U.S. regulations on data security - safeguarding customer and financial data. Qolo offers real-time processing, SmartFX™, SmartWire™, multi-stage support, and a good-funds, multi-currency model.

All of these features are critical to the changing business landscape, because as we know too well...

It’s a Small World, After All

How the pandemic will impact workplace culture has yet to be fully determined, but we anticipate major changes to remote work.

Businesses will need to be flexible to retain their top talent, and nimble in their adaptation to new regulations. Qolo can support this modernization by offering round-the-clock accessibility to receive, send, transfer or exchange money, with an eye to speed, security and cost of payment.

Innovation is in Our DNA

We’ve built a company bent on driving enhanced and better payment practices for the New Economy by providing diverse functionality all on one platform – available through a single API interface. We know the economy will recover. When it does, will you be ready?

Let’s prepare for that future today. Qolo can help simplify, secure and control your payment processing.

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