Status Quo

Compliance is mandatory to avoid fines and penalties. Costly breaches can erode client and consumer trust. Qolo’s PCI-compliant widgets streamline the process and allow you to focus on the core business.

First Issue

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements can be a heavy burden that sometimes runs in direct opposition to lean, agile fintechs looking to build and deploy quickly.

Second Issue

The time-intensive tasks associated with PCI compliance can redirect focus away from your core business.

Rapid Compliant Deployment

Innovation and compliance are often at odds, but they don’t have to be. With Qolo’s PCI compliant widgets, you can accelerate the development of your offerings without having to wait for PCI compliance certification. Simplify how you build and deploy card functionality without worrying about whether you’re running afoul of compliance standards.

  • Embed with iFrames

    Access Qolo’s JavaScript library to safely and securely embed sensitive card data in your website or app using iframes.

  • Secure Sensitive Data

    Store, transmit, and process sensitive card data confidently.

  • Reduce Scope

    Qolo will handle the secure storage, encryption, and transmission of the data on its PCI-compliant servers, reducing your scope.

  • Customizable Web Styles

    Our PCI-compliant widgets implement responsive web design, so they can be configured to display custom text and styling.

Catch-All Compliance that Drives Growth

Avoiding data breaches and network penalties is serious business, but it shouldn’t take away from growing yours. Qolo’s PCI-compliant widgets help you steer clear of both with turnkey solutions that enable you to remain compliant without sacrificing time and energy that steals away from your core business.

Accelerated Development
Secure Payment Data
Reduce PCI Scope