Status Quo

Qolo helps you deliver speed and choice with real-time payout services that enable you to send money to selected parties fast while empowering recipients with the choice in how they receive funds. Qolo can send funds in customized intervals or in real-time directly to customers’ debit cards, prepaid cards, and bank accounts – check, ACH, or Real-Time Payments (RTP).

First Issue

Sending funds with speed, accuracy, and control within the corporate ecosystem can be a logistical nightmare.

Second Issue

Until Qolo, comprehensive disbursements capabilities had to be stitched together via multiple platforms and providers, creating a spiderweb of payments confusion.

We handle all things payments so you don’t have to

With Qolo, corporations can issue refunds, credits, claim payments, and other funds with speed, accuracy, and control. We are a modern payments platform, but we also handle all payment modalities, even cutting paper checks for clients if needed. “Going global” isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s critical. You need the capabilities to make payments and send funds globally. We have the all-in-one payments solution to make that happen quickly and seamlessly. 

  • Speed

    Revamp the payments experience with a faster, more economical solution for distributing funds.

  • Insights

    Tap into Qolo’s web-based dashboard interface to view payout status and other payments information.

  • Modernization

    Enhance your offerings with real-time, omnichannel payout capabilities even as recipient behaviors and preferences continue to evolve. 

  • Global Reach

    Whether you’re paying gig workers or partnering with suppliers and vendors around the world, reach new marketplaces and do business in international markets.

With Qolo, you can

Power Your Payments with More Cost-Effective, Secure Digital Options.
Send Payments Anywhere in Any Amount and Any Currency.
Rest Easy Knowing Your Payouts are PCI-Compliant and Meet GDPR Standards.