Status Quo

The popularity of digital transactions is accelerating at a rapid pace. Qolo’s tokenization offering fortifies payment continuity via flexible token management.

First Issue

Digital transactions face increased risk from sophisticated hackers, fraudsters, and other bad actors who are keen on finding novel ways to steal card credentials, breach systems, and do account takeovers.

Second Issue

The proliferation of digital wallets call for convenient, simple ways to secure payments. Without the right technology, companies can’t keep up with the demand for secure, digital-first payment experiences.

Digital-First Experiences

  • Minimize Risk

    Tokenize PAN data to minimize exposure of sensitive card data and protect cardholders.

  • Automatic Updates

    Tokens can automatically be updated when cards are lost, stolen, or expired.

  • Fast Access to Contactless Payments

    Cards can be instantly pushed to digital wallets to provide customers with fast access to contactless payment methods where only the token is exchanged, reducing the chance of real card details being exposed.

  • Unlimited Use Cases

    Qolo’s tokenization enables more secure, digital-first transactions in addition to expanding payment use cases that make payments more convenient for cardholders.

Convenience and Security

Qolo’s card tokenization not only protects sensitive card data but empowers new and innovative digital payments use cases. Facilitate new and innovative payment use cases and digital-first experiences via device-based tokenization, card-on-file tokenization, and app-based tokenization.

Device-Based Tokenization
Card-On-File Tokenization
App-Based Tokenization