Fintechs like you are hard-pressed to find effective, cost-efficient payments solutions. Finding what you need in one place? Nearly impossible.

Qolo is in the business of simplifying payments. We offer the most flexible core ever created — a core purpose-built for payments. Unlike other processors that offer piecemeal solutions, you can create streamlined custom payment programs through Qolo’s API-first platform via one seamless integration and rely on a a single source for reconciliation, payment ops, and reporting.  

First Issue

Between processors, point solutions, and banking-as-a-service (BaaS) providers, you face limited options, solution gaps, separate integrations, and burdensome overhead.

Second Issue

With most payments providers, you are buying into a well-tied bow: someone else’s aging infrastructure that the payment provider has wrapped up nicely but that has limited functionality.

Custom Payment Programs

  • Omnichannel & Omni-Account

    Solve any unique business need across any payment type, any channel, anywhere.

  • Modern Platform

    Get a custom payment program through our modern, single API with first-party access to banks and payment rails.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Launch your custom payments program fast and ditch the overhead and headaches of multiple lengthy integrations.

  • One-Stop Shop

    Eliminate reconciliation, payment ops, due diligence, and reporting issues with a single system and source of truth.

  • Comprehensive Market Solutions

    Qolo is an issuing, acquiring, and direct processor of all payment types.

  • Unmatched Expertise

    Tap into our team of payments experts and entrepreneurs.