Status Quo

Digital payment experiences are ubiquitous, and customer preferences have become increasingly sophisticated. Qolo facilitates the exchange of information that can be triggered by specific events, enabling real-time notifications that keeps data in sync and workflows in action.

First Issue

The ability to provide real-time messaging, information, and updates to your users is non-negotiable. This capability relies on the ability to receive real-time notifications when specific events occur – a capability that many payments companies lack.

Second Issue

Behind the scenes, communication between systems is integral to keep business processes working correctly. Without communication between systems, you lack the visibility and transparency necessary to execute critical functions quickly.

Enable Real-Time Notifications

With Qolo real-time system messaging, you can send and receive event-based notifications between applications using customizable webhooks. Webhooks are fully testable and can be customized for your needs. Simply set up the destination URL to receive HTTP POST messages. When a transaction, user, card, or other event occurs, you receive a real-time message to this URL that includes event details.

This infrastructure supports a myriad of digital payment activities, allowing you to receive notifications about payment-related events immediately and update both internal databases and user interfaces. You stay in the know – and keep your customers informed in real time.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Use webhooks to establish efficient, event-based communication channels between applications.

  • Customizable Webhooks

    Our highly-customizable webhooks keep data in sync and can be configured to trigger across a number of events between apps and systems, enabling real-time workflows.

  • Flexible Real-Time Messages

    Use them in the ways that work best for you, whether to update databases, trigger workflows, send user-facing notifications, or another use case.

  • Real-Time Customer Messaging

    Get notifications about payment-related events immediately to keep customers informed in real time.

Enhance Visibility & Transparency

Receive notifications that feed your real-time workflows.

tailor webhooks
Actively Monitor Account Activities
Tailor Webhooks