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Between program management, signing up cardholders, and minimizing fraud, many clients struggle to launch and scale card programs effectively. Qolo offers full-scale managed services from program management, card fulfillment, and risk & compliance management to take on the heavy lifting while you focus on growth.

First Issue

Between network and sponsoring bank approvals, quarterly certifications, card fulfillment, ensuring compliance, and managing third-party vendors, it’s difficult to get to market fast. 

Second Issue

Fraud is a multi-layered problem that many try to tackle with a singular approach – resulting in unnecessary losses of time, effort, and money.

Program Management

You need to get to market quickly. We help you build and scale card programs with our revenue-growing card program management. Qolo’s Accelerator program enables you to launch quickly while we manage the operational and compliance components. Once you get to scale, you can take on those functions and recognize higher margin.

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Qolo offers best-in-class card program management to increase your revenue and profitability. From set-up to launch, our program management team enhances the customer experience while cutting costs. You set the strategy, we take care of the details. Qolo can configure and customize everything from program design to transaction logic to servicing and support.

Program management.


Launch card programs your way with our flexible card production model.

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Simplify fulfillment through our managed service offering and leverage our best-in-class fulfillment house partners. We offer both on-demand and traditional card fulfillment through Arroweye and Tag Systems. Access our subject matter experts to streamline bank and fulfillment house requirements and take advantage of our buying power to enjoy competitive pricing.

Risk & Compliance Management

Reduce fraud, strengthen compliance, streamline onboarding, and protect the customer.

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Compliance.Dispute management.
Fraud Prevention
Dispute Management

Customer Service

Hand off all support needs to our expert support teams so you can focus on your core business.

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Qolo offers a variety of customer support services, including:

  1. Interactive voice response systems
  2. On-shore, bilingual ive agent customer service
  3. KYC/KYB Automated and Manual Document Review

Leverage Qolo’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in handling day-to-day support and redirect valuable resources to growing your business. Qolo provides state of the art interactive voice response systems, live agent customer service, and card fulfillment services as part of our Managed Service offering. Let us handle call center and fulfillment partner oversight while you enjoy economies of scale, lowered costs, and enhanced processes. Leverage our partnerships and direct relationships with top industry professionals while offloading time-intensive tasks.

Customer services.