Status Quo

Qolo decided enough was enough and launched INTERACT to put you back in control. Our INTERACT embedded processing functionality is a payments industry first – with embedded processing capabilities enabling you to manage the payment authorization and funding processes for all payment types.

First Issue

Fintechs have long been burdened with complex integrations and friction-filled transaction processes that are expensive and time-consuming to manage.

Second Issue

Fintechs lack the flexibility to build their own logic into the authorization and funding of transactions.

Stay in the Driver’s Seat

Embedded processing now enables companies to wrap enhanced payment functionality around their own systems. Qolo manages the overall program limits while you retain control over decisions about individual cards, MCC codes, individual merchants, and transaction types. INTERACT sits below the payment and card layers in our omnichannel platform, providing our clients with: 

  • Customized Business Logic

    Approve or deny every transaction in real time according to your authorization logic and fund individual transactions from different sources based on custom rules.

  • control transaction

    You maintain control over transactions, including merchant category, merchant level, and transaction type.

  • Real-Time Funding & Cash Flow

    Authorize the release of funds on cards in real time.

  • Flexible Pools of Value

    Provide card and payment access to any client-side pool of value (crypto, loyalty, credit lines, exchanges, accounts).

  • Seamless Reconciliations

    Our double-entry system works with your own custom metadata to match ledger system records.

  • Fast, Friction-Free Payments

    Qolo provides infrastructure that supports the necessary speed, security, and functionality for flexible omnichannel payments.