Status Quo

Traditional cards and lines of credit are not built for marketing and ad buying campaigns. They are restrictive and the inherent risks make them an unappealing option. The better alternative to traditional cards is to utilize virtual cards that enable dynamic spend controls to provide real-time transparency and control over the campaigns they fund. 

First Issue

Cards that reach spend limits may be frozen, halting campaigns and putting performance at risk. 

Second Issue

Spend can spiral beyond set budgets without customized spend caps that help control campaign costs.

Real-time, Dynamic Media Buying

Qolo’s virtual card solution for media buying turbocharges agency ad management by providing the flexibility needed to handle funding for dynamic campaigns that ebb and flow. While traditional lines tend to be restrictive, Qolo enables cards to be funded from a single program account or separate accounts, depending on your unique media buying needs.

When your client approves an ad campaign, Qolo creates on-demand virtual cards to manage spend. Cards can be set up for billing just like any traditional credit card, but clients can specify how the cards should be funded along with customized spend limits. Qolo’s first-party access to payment rails allows us to communicate with card networks for authorization and to process transactions. You receive real-time notifications when each transaction is processed, enabling seamless reconciliation.

Media Buying Made Simple

Agencies that manage hundreds or thousands of ads for clients require insights into spending, billing efficiencies, and streamlined (read: automated) reconciliation.

Scrap physical cards and embrace a fully-tailored virtual card option that can fuel millions in credit needed to manage large ad buying transactions. Eliminate the possibility of blocked transactions and canceled or disrupted campaigns. With on-demand virtual cards, you can spin up new cards immediately and choose how to fund them.

On-Demand Virtual Cards
Flexible Limits
Customized Funding