Status Quo

Consumer loyalty is critical for businesses of all types, but many lack the modern payment infrastructure to truly engage customers with the payment experiences they want. As consumer preferences move closer to cashless and digital-first, gift card offerings must follow suit.

First Issue

Most traditional incentives and rebate card programs are built around legacy solutions that deprioritize the recipient experience. The result? Old school offerings that end in a heap of unused, fund-filled cards.  

Second Issue

Gift and incentive card programs built on static solutions lack the flexibility, control, and real-time fulfillment needed to create impactful programs that scale.

Gifts, Incentives & Rebates of the Future

Qolo is at the forefront in driving and designing better ways for companies to issue and process gift cards, incentives, and rebate cards. We also offer tailor-made disbursement mechanisms outside of traditional gift card offerings to meet your unique business case. Our platform supports your gift card vision with secure, real-time card fulfillment.

  • virtual and physical

    Tailor gift and incentive programs to meet recipient needs with both virtual and physical options.

  • Tailored Disbursements

    Build disbursement mechanisms for your unique business case with card and non-card options.

  • Secure Card Environment

    Qolo codes card data through its APIs – a departure from industry practices of processors sending files through.

  • Corporate incentive cards

    Incentivize employees and your best customers with desirable incentive card options that boost acquisition and drive growth.

  • traditional consumer gift cards

    Build long-lasting relationships and drive results with our future-proof processing technology for gift cards. 

  • Rebate Cards

    Promote customer loyalty and encourage spending with prepaid rebate cards.