Status Quo

Everyone is looking for easy, secure, and cost-effective ways to pay and store funds. The ubiquity of smartphones has made digital wallets an ideal payment method, and has also spurred the propagation of various marketplaces through which players in the ecosystem can make purchases, and receive payouts. Qolo’s platform enables the seamless management of money in and money out via both traditional and real-time methods.

First Issue

Gaming platforms, crypto exchanges, and other currency platforms and marketplaces lack a seamless experience for bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional funds movement.

Second Issue

Providers have long had to stitch together disparate platforms and systems for money in, money out, and money storage, complicating the money movement process. 

Enable Secure, Digital-First Experiences

  • Digital Wallets

    Qolo’s platform bridges the gap between traditional and non-traditional funds movement to enable the seamless movement of money.

  • Marketplace Solutions

    Qolo’s technology facilitates multiple “money in” payment types for consumers and seamless movement of money to merchants. real-time "money out" to various accounts.

  • Money Movement, Simplified

    Money in, storage, and money out are all at the same bank to streamline treasury issues and minimize cost of float.

Convenience and Security

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Digital-First Payment Experiences
Seamless Payment Process
Bridge the Payments Divide
Deliver Convenient, Secure Payment Methods
Reduce Fraud Risk
Enhanced Payment Continuity