February 1, 2024

Bluebanc specializes in media buys, managing ad purchases across various online platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads. Given the function they run for their clients, their payments infrastructure needs to be reliable, flexible in multiple scenarios, and support advanced payment features (multiple BIN management, 3D Secure, tokenization,...)

Infrastructure Requirements

Bluebanc sought a way to separate budgets and spending for each client to streamline just-in-time funding and the reconciliation process. They also wanted to give clients greater visibility and eliminate the possibility of blocked transactions and canceled or disrupted campaigns.

Ultimately, they needed a way to separate distinct funding sources at the client level and simplify reconciliation. Limited visibility into funding sources could increase the risk of blocked or canceled transactions, leading to campaign disruptions – a key measure of their clients’ business success.

“We had complex and challenging problems that required a custom solution. Qolo was able to offer us a tailored and innovative approach. They worked closely with us to understand our needs and implement them successfully.” - Joshua Bagley, CEO @Bluebanc

The Solution

Using Qolo's APIs, Bluebanc built their payment infrastructure to ensure their clients gained real-time spending visibility and spend control management.

This was made possible through two main Qolo infrastructure components:

Multi-tenant Ledgering makes it easy for Bluebanc to source transaction funding and reconcile accounts at the client level, providing real-time visibility into spend funding for their clients.

Pairing Multi-tenant Ledgering with Qolo’s Webhooks, Bluebanc has built a real-time system that enables their clients to make faster decisions and determine the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Bluebanc chose to partner with Qolo to build a robust and reliable payment solution for their clients that focused on:

- Speed while remaining smart and secure

- Supporting all key payment methods

- Real time and highly reliable feedback

- Flexible to support Bluebanc’s clients specific needs


"With Qolo’s partnership, Bluebanc is able to offer their clients a tailored, secure and seamless payment solution available via API or via a user interface." - Joshua Bagley, CEO @Bluebanc

The Bluebanc and Qolo partnership enabled Bluebanc to offer a robust card issuing service and real-time visibility on spending for their clients. The overall quality of Bluebanc’s offering increased, and they maintain operational independence without relying on third-party functionality.

With this successful partnership, Bluebanc was able to increase clients spend volume by 320% in 2023.

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