November 22, 2021

Betty, hello! Qolo’s growth has been incredible this year - as the Chief Client Officer you’ve been intimately involved in this upward trajectory. Tell us about how you came to Qolo and what the journey has been like this year.

Besides enjoying the challenge of working with a new business, joining Qolo has also presented me with an opportunity to work with the people I have worked with and respected for a long time. I actually first met and worked with Patricia Montesi at Alamo Rent-A-Car over 20 years ago.   We left car rental and started in the financial services industry at Wildcard, which ultimately became a part of FIS. After a few years of working at different organizations, Patricia asked me to join Qolo to establish and lead the Account Management/Client Services teams.

Qolo’s client base expanded rapidly in 2021, and I was happy to join the team this Spring. I knew from the beginning that they were on to something extraordinary here with their deep understanding of the industry and the concept of stitching together different platforms to find a single solution which ties all payment modalities together.

You have been at Qolo for six months now, what are the core pillars you are leading the Account Management and Client Services departments with?

I believe the most important pillars to provide an exceptional client experience are listening, responsiveness and transparency. It’s critical to listen to what clients are saying in order to determine the problems they are trying to solve. Listening presents an opportunity to understand and provide solutions to those clients. Being responsive and transparent in this highly competitive, fast paced environment is so important to build confidence, trust and a strong partnership.

We foster these relationships by being consultative in our approach. Many of our clients are looking for the industry expertise and problem solving that only a team at Qolo could provide.There is a lack of that personal touch with a lot of our competitors. We are only as successful as our partners are, so being in touch with what’s going on with their business is extremely important.

As Qolo continues to grow, how will you maintain the quality of your interactions with clients?

Our client engagement model is a differentiator that we will not lose sight of as we continue to grow beyond our current clients. We know how important it is to stay on top of what is happening in the industry and stay engaged with clients, especially in this competitive market. That relationship and engagement level is key to client success and retention. It is truly a partnership.

Any fun interests you would like to share?

Two things I am most passionate about are cooking and wellness. Growing up I always looked forward to the traditions around each holiday which, in our family, were centered around cooking, baking and entertaining. I am also a partner/owner of a few Restore Hyper Wellness franchise stores that will be opening in the Los Angeles County area. Staying in tune with your physical and mental wellness has become more important than ever.

Any predictions for 2022?

I am confident we will continue to grow our client base in 2022, whatever that number may be -  we will be ready for whatever comes our way!

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