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Qolo is the first comprehensive platform built from the ground up to tackle today’s business challenges and those of the future.

Payments Hub

Managing your payments solution can be challenging. It shouldn’t be. Qolo’s flexible platform, built for simplicity, speed and security, will carry your business into the future.

As an omnichannel payment hub, Qolo is built to perform hundreds of different types of payment transactions through direct integrations into payment networks, cross-border platforms, financial institutions, and third-party providers.

Connect directly with networks like:


With Qolo, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to your accounts. Our flexible platform includes a multi-faceted account system that provides a variety of account structures including card accounts, synthetic demand deposit accounts (DDAs), loyalty, and multiple purse accounts.

Qolo’s proprietary rules engine is designed to support custom authorization mechanisms, complex account rules, as well as account-level direction on funds movement.


Qolo utilizes the most sophisticated fraud detection systems available with our patent-pending qoloCrypto technology.

QoloCrypt employs the latest in host-based cryptography to secure data at the database field level, granting access only to authorized key holders while exceeding all GDPR and U.S. regulations on data security to make sure your information is secure.

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