Program Management

Build and scale card programs with our revenue-growing card program management.

First Issue

Qolo offers best-in-class card program management to increase your revenue and profitability. From set-up to launch, our program management team aims to enhance the customer experience while cutting costs. You set the strategy. Qolo can configure and customize everything from pricing and fraud prevention and more.

Second Issue

Program management is not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor, so Qolo keeps tabs on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter most, including average revenue per card, cardholder acquisition costs, churn, and more. Your profit is our passion and we provide the detailed analytics and reporting needed to ensure program success.

Risk Management

Stop fraud, strengthen compliance, and protect the customer experience.

  • Fraud prevention

    Qolo’s real-time data reduces fraud without hampering the experience for legitimate customer transactions. Regain control with risk scores to inform transaction approvals or declines. Use webhooks to get real-time alerts about funding authorizations, PIN changes, user activation, and more – and to monitor card events as they occur.

  • Compliance

    Accelerate and improve the accuracy of compliance reporting while monitoring for potential violations. Leverage Qolo’s data and insights to stay on the right side of PCI DSS compliance and anti-money-laundering (AML) laws.

  • Dispute Management

    Optimize the dispute management and resolution process with our team of experts paired with real-time notifications from webhooks. Real-time updates provide the transparency you need on case status and cardholder communications.

Customer Service
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