Status Quo

The two-week traditional payday is a flawed, albeit widely accepted, system. But it’s time is up. Traditional employers must adjust worker payment to meet today’s preferences with on-demand pay. Players trying to disrupt this flow are faced with integrating to a complex web of providers.

First Issue

Creating on-demand pay solutions to meet evolving employer and worker demands requires the navigation of a winding web of providers, technologies, and integrations. 

Second Issue

On-demand is in-demand, which can increase risk and make it an appealing target for fraud.

Evolving Economy, Evolving Payroll

The current payday system has let many workers down, and fintechs are disrupting the status quo by creating revolutionary Earned Wage Access (EWA) solutions. But enabling the on-demand pay that gives workers the flexibility they need to escape “paycheck to paycheck” living comes with challenges. Qolo helps you solve them. 

  • Gain Competitive Edge

    Simplified treasury, easier operations, unified fraud controls, and real-time payment mechanisms.

  • Simplify Your Tech Stack

    Get all the functionality you need to support on-demand pay on a single API-driven platform.

  • Future Growth

    Everything you need to scale and future-proof your solution, including virtual and physical card offerings, tokenization, and fraud and risk management. 

  • Easy Integration

    Enable on-demand pay seamlessly through a single API set. 

End of the Two-Week Payday is Imminent

The rapid growth of the gig economy has tested – and proven – the benefits of a flexible pay and work schedule. Gig markets default to on-demand pay systems, making it an attractive option for workers that want more control and access to the money they have earned.  We see what you see: an opportunity. We’ve built a suite of offerings to help you power on-demand pay solutions and meet this growing demand. Our platform enables a host of ways for you to build your EWA solution.

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Cater to Gig Marketplaces and Traditional Employers
Plastic or Virtual Card with Direct Deposit Accounts
Accelerated Digital Payment Methods