Status Quo

Issuing-side credit has remained virtually unchanged since its inception. But there’s a revolution coming. Neocredit and pseudo-credit offerings like Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and Earned Wage Access (EWA) are gaining momentum. The result? Consumers and workers are adopting neocredit offerings at a record pace – and they want more. Qolo helps clients differentiate with one platform to create unique pseudo-credit, lending, and other credit products built for the future.

First Issue

The growing demand for innovative offerings like EWA (on-demand pay) and BNPL will only increase as people continue to desire financial flexibility and the power to decide how and when they want to pay and be paid.

Second Issue

To successfully compete within the digital banking space, you must match pace with quickly changing consumer needs – including matching flexible credit products with traditional challenger bank offerings.

Build a Neocredit Program that
Meets Today’s Demand

Digital banking is now a crowded arena and innovation is the price of admission. Success requires differentiation and the ability to bridge multiple financial products with digital banking solutions. Qolo’s platform is built to support modern business models, complex account structures, omnichannel payments capabilities, and advanced authorization mechanisms. In short, we have everything you need to survive and thrive in the neocredit space now and in the future.

  • All-in-One Platform

    Whether you’re launching a standalone credit product or an integrated banking solution, Qolo provides everything you need in one platform.

  • Long-Term Profitability

    Our all-in-one platform simplifies your integration and reduces costs, adding to your margin of profitability.

  • Better Platform, Better Products

    Our unique integration capabilities include credit components, next-gen account structures, integrated reconciliation, unified risk and fraud management, and a multitude of payment types to support our clients’ innovative products.

  • Market-Leading Product Packages

    Integration with our multi-purpose platform via a single API - an important differentiation versus white labeling solutions - allows the lender to put the puzzle pieces together for a market-leading product package.