How We Work With You

Close collaboration is how we approach each customer engagement. Our team is deeply experienced and has collectively designed, built and launched 7 payments and loyalty platforms, and have taken more than 500 loyalty, prepaid card, and B2B payments programs to market.

That expertise drives our distinct approaches:

Qolo Processing

An offering many businesses are familiar with, Qolo Processing is our industry-standard B2B payments hub application. Here’s what that means:

  • Full-service payments processing
  • Authorization & settlement, money movement
  • Experienced and accessible support teams

Qolo Choice

Which payments strategy is best for your business? Which vendors and partners are right for you? With Qolo Choice, our seasoned team will guide you through a bespoke decision-making process including:

  • A fully customized solution built alongside our team
  • Guidance on the best path to market
  • Vendor management & transition planning

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