Status Quo

Qolo offers better, faster, more flexible ways to process cross-border payments while mitigating foreign exchange risk. Cut friction and complexity with our API gateway – a streamlined path to cross-border payments. Qolo offers a unified solution for sending and receiving cross-border payments. 

First Issue

The gig economy and international business opportunities continue to grow, creating explosive demand for more efficiency around global payments – yet navigating cross-border payments has historically been a challenge for large and small companies alike.

Second Issue

As ecommerce growth continues to accelerate, so does the need for efficient, inexpensive cross-border payments, but current solutions are expensive, slow, and rife with intermediaries and the subsequent third-party charges. 

Fast, Flexible Payments – Anywhere

Cut the middlemen and leverage the underlying infrastructure of cross-border payments via Qolo’s APIs. Our access to real-time currency trades helps you mitigate daily fluctuations to secure the best rate. Stop shrinking margins and gain greater transparency into exchange rates while navigating cross-border payments. 
Whether you’re paying vendors, freelancers, or other service providers, cross-border payouts enable you to transfer funds to other countries in their local currencies. Business defies borders – your payments should, too.

  • Send Money Anywhere

    Streamline vendor, freelancer, supplier, and service provider payments via fast, seamless, global payouts. 

  • Get Multi-Currency Support

    Easily expand operations internationally and make country-to-country payments with Qolo’s borderless, currency-agnostic technology.

  • Issue Cards for International Use

    Enable faster claims disbursements and streamlined reconciliation with virtual cards for international use. 

  • Secure Transactions

    Take advantage of our best-in-class risk, compliance, and fraud prevention capabilities.

  • Seamlessly Transfer Funds

    Easily conduct transfers between banks in different countries

  • Expand Reach

    Grow your business in new countries, categories, and marketplaces.