In this new series, we’re spotlighting some of the industry’s very best, and Qolo’s own! Today, we’re speaking with Qolo’s CFO, Peter Bardwick.

Peter, hello! We’re glad to have you on board and looking forward to sharing more of your story. You recently joined the company in Q1 2021. Why Qolo?

I was looking for a team that had been influential in an important industry and that works together in a highly functional way. I’ve been in Silicon Valley more than 20 years and I’ve experienced the full spectrum of management teams - I wanted the best and we have it.

I also wanted to be with a company whose values correspond with mine. Qolo’s founders are deeply committed to making our customer successful and to build a place where employees flourish and grow.

What have the first few months been like?

It has been great. I’m responsible for our approach to the investment community and these are smart, experienced people. When they start to understand what we do the light bulb goes off and that’s a great feeling.

In your mind, why was there a need to start a company like Qolo?

In the past 15 years, companies have found that their payments needs have become 10x more complex which has resulted in 10x more companies trying to meet these requirements with single-point solutions. Qolo is the only payments platform built on current technology which can meet the market's needs with a single partner. We are a B2B company and working with us our customers can bring the most complex and creative solutions to market quickly and with only one partner - Qolo!

Why do you think Qolo’s work has been gaining so much traction? What are clients and investors excited about and focused on?

Simply put: right product at the right time in the right industry.

Can you describe the opportunity for the industry?

For our customers, it's to build what your customers’ need, be creative, and do so without having to budget for 100 people managing a payments infrastructure.

In a previous life, your most exciting work revolved around…

Jeez, I’ve been very lucky in my career. Being on Wall Street in the 1980’s, 3 public companies, 2 successful IPOs, doing a turnaround of a public company, public company Bay Area CFO of the year 2014. It’s really hard to say but the best part has been adventures and friendships that have lasted for decades.

Post-pandemic, where will you travel first?

Nothing big, maybe 6 months in Hawaii, 6 Months in Bordeaux and Paris, 6 month in New Zealand fishing, and then, since I’d be tired from all that travel, 6 months sailing in the Carribean. I guess then I’ll be well rested again so I’d add on 6 months in Japan learning to be a sushi chef.

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